Cozey - WMS

Relieving Growing Pains with Custom Operations Software

Cozey is a high growth DTC furniture brand. Their breakout success,“The Cozey”, is a modular sofa in a box. Cozey is now building new sofa designs (Ciello) that follow their modular style and are entering new verticals such as accessories and soon, tables. 

The Challenge

Growth means more orders and more SKUs, and this requires a robust backend system that can keep up. Spreadsheets are already confusing enough. And once you start adding more products and orders, it becomes impossible to address efficiently. 

They turned to the marketplace for warehouse management systems, but couldn’t find a perfect solution that handled their unique modularity (internal SKU’s bundled to make an external SKU for customers), dynamic ETA’s, and syncing seamlessly to Shopify. And one that also automatically updates their customers across all touchpoints (product pages, checkout pages, emails, text alerts).

The Solution

We strategized, designed, and developed an end to end ERP system. The first iteration of the product involved us building a dashboard for Cozey to create and manage PO’s, monitor inventory levels on hand, and in transit. And have that automatically calculate inventory levels 1-2 weeks from today, dynamically according to PO ETA. 

In addition, the ability to assign PO line items to Shopify orders automatically, have every Shopify order assigned to intransit PO and provide an exact ETA if any order changes. Cozey will also be able to get stats on late orders and order accuracy, automatically allocate internal SKUs to external SKUs, automatically detect split orders, and track virtually every aspect in their warehouse. 

Order Management System
PO Management

The Results

With the Warehouse Management System, Cozey can:

  • Trust their data regarding PO’s and their ETAs.
  • Provide better shipping updates to customers, and in turn, smoother support. 
  • Scale their SKUs with confidence.

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