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Website Rebuild that Facilitated 5X Growth in under 12 Months

Cozey is a high growth DTC furniture brand. Their breakout success,“The Cozey”, is a modular sofa in a box. Cozey is now building new sofa designs (Ciello) that follow their modular style and are entering new verticals such as accessories and soon, tables. 

The Challenge

Following its breakout success, the brand quickly added new products to its collection. With growing revenue and product lines, Cozey wanted to revamp their entire website to deliver a better customer experience that would ultimately increase conversions. 

The Solution

We completely redesigned and built a headless website with a pixel perfect buildout. 

Here are some notable new features:

  • A fully filterable, and customizable shop page that is able to handle 7000+ product configurations, and a product page that integrates with Cylindo 360 Configurator, and Junip Reviews.
  • A location based estimation tool that can predict delivery ETAs by syncing with the warehouse management system (see here) we built for them. 
  • A tool that upsells a bundle of products depending on customer selected parameters (6000+ combinations). 
  • An automatic procedure to ship swatches to customers via Shipstation.
  • A survey that gathers data into google sheet, and syncs to Klavyio for email and text message marketing.
  • An upsell popup that automatically matches the sofa that’s added to cart with the curated accessories kit.
  • Incredibly optimised and fast image and page load times.
  • Bilingual support: English and French. 
Cozey's Website

The Results

The new website oversaw a 5X increase in revenue in under 12 months

Cozey now has a website that is tailored exactly for their business, and provides their customers with a memorable shopping experience, without sacrificing speed or robustness.

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