The Ridge

From the Drawing Board to Live Testing in Just 1.5 weeks

Ridge started off with a simple mission to make wallets better. With the massive success of The Ridge Wallet, the brand now works on improving all everyday carry items.

The Challenge

Ridge was looking to increase their average order value.

They had a strategy in mind, and needed a tech partner to build the solution. 

They wanted to get to testing fast, without disrupting the shopping experience for their millions of monthly visitors.

The Solution

We were able to design and develop the solution (a custom product builder) in just 1.5 weeks. A stark comparison to the 3 month timeline they had been quoted by a seasoned development agency.

The Ridge Builder
The Ridge Builder (2)
The Ridge Builder (3)

The Results

We were able to design and deploy fast with extra functionality, without sacrificing quality.

Allowing Ridge to test, iterate, and get to a higher AOV much faster.

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